By: Dwayne Parton

A Little Less Convenience

I’m sitting in the campground. Kids are laughing, couples are playing frisbee, and I’m here feeling exceptionally good. I still think too much but life feels peaceful somehow. I don’t have the conveniences I normally have. It costs $5 for a shower, and I’m sleeping in the bed of my truck. I am 6’4″ my bed is 6′. I can’t even sit up in it. But somehow it’s nice.

I don’t eat out very often. I haven’t been to a fast food restaurant since I left home. I feel healthier already. I buy sandwich meat, cheese, fruit, and salad ingredients. I’ve been eating salads in the evening and sandwiches in the day. This is a good habit for me to develop since at home it was just more convenient to got to the Filling Station or Box Car.

Convenience. I’m learning that I’m a victim of it. If something is convenient I’ll choose that over the other. Food for instance. Why am I changing now? Because when you are driving and eating fast food you will feel terrible. If you don’t eat healthy the car is miserable. Not too mention you will burn through your money. I’m saving that to pay my office rent at the local coffee shop.

Back to what I was originally thinking. There is something about disconnecting from the normal life that refreshes the soul. I think that’s why people here seem so happy. It’s not that life is easier or that they are having a great adventure. I don’t know how to say it. Just going home and watching the TV or playing a game is life sucking.

There is something in here that’s deeper than just taking a vacation. For me, I feel like I’m being true to myself. That I’m taking myself out of a cookie cutter life to be me. Not Dwayne who has a green lawn, a pool, and a family. I’m just being the Dwayne who has never had much of a plan for the future and still doesn’t.

Funny random story that has nothing to do with the first part of this post. So I drive by a large parking that has not had more than 1 car in it the whole time I’ve been here. Last night I drive by and there are 10 people in the parking lot having a dance party. That makes me smile. How random, and who does that.