By: Dwayne Parton

Rodents and High Places


It seems the chipmunks are the friendliest critters around. They are everywhere, and fast as lightning when they want to be.


The squirrels have little man syndrome most times. Did I say that before? They bark and make crazy noises at you when you pass by.


Pika’s a cute cuddly hamsters. Though I’m sure you wouldn’t want to just pick one up, at least not after you did.


There is something about the amount of work it takes to get to a vista. Sometimes the vista is awe-inspiring, and sometimes you have to look a little harder to appreciate the work you just put into it. In this case, it was easy to stand in awe.


It might even be worth holding it a few hours, to use the restroom.


It’s a hard hike up to the Lower Saddle, part of me wishes I could have summited the Grand. Maybe I could have, but it seemed a little foolish to just wing it especially since it was icy. These mountains are much harsher than home. They have vicious consequences and hungry wild life. I’m trying to learn how to rightfully respect this place, because it definitely deserves it and the lack of could cost your life. I can only imagine how wild Alaska will be. I do carry bear spray when I go out. It only takes one encounter however slim that may be and when you are alone, that slimness just packed on a few pounds.