Never Come Back Again

I’m sitting in Starbucks, as usual this time of day, a song catches my attention which is unusual. Starbucks music is hit or miss here. One day, I swear they played the entire Fantasia soundtrack. All I could think about were hippos dancing in pink tutus. I wouldn’t normally get up and ask them to change the music but I couldn’t take it anymore. Turns out they don’t get to control the music anyways. Today the lyrics of the song caught my attention.

I wanna see the world, I wanna sail the ocean
I wanna know what it feels like to never come back again

I like it, the rolling drum beat, the sincerity.

I wanna find my love, lose myself in passion
I wanna love her in my heart and never come back again

I google the lyrics. I buy the album.

I think there is a longing in the soul to travel. To leave and not look back. Just go and see where life takes you. Meet you’re love, and love her passionately. Live life as full as possible and never settle for anything less. Never coming back to lesser days.

There have been lots of amazing moments this year, it seems they often came when least expected…I’m looking forward to those unexpected moments in 2016! I’m looking forward. Hope you enjoy the song, and the photos!




Driving the Alaskan Highway



A hike up Sacajawea Peak Left me surrounded by clouds and mountain goats



Sheep resting on a cliff


  1. Before I could finish the lyrics I copied them to google the song and then notice you had it in the blog! It’s it so weird that only the people who have this hunger inside understand they unexplainable why to just travel?

  2. Dwayne you’re awesome! Here I thought you were just crazy good at rock climbing and now you’re inspiring me to get up and live my dreams again! Thanks for for being an amazing example. Keep it up brother!

  3. Amazing pictures! Where in AK is this? Really enjoying your blogs, found you through an AT forum. Will be heading to GA in a couple weeks to hike it myself. :)

    1. Sweet! The pics are from various places on the drive from MT up to AK. Best of luck on the AT. Will you be keeping a blog? Send me the link :)

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