By: Dwayne Parton

South to Montana

I think it’s time to go,
Restlessness in my bones,
My heart is saying,
It’s time to leave

It’s almost summer in Alaska. I’ve been told countless times that you have to stay for the summer. That’s why people live in Alaska. You don’t leave when it’s just days away! And yet, here I am in my van driving some 2,500+ Miles. I can’t tell you why exactly, there are lots of reasons. I love Alaska, but I’m not ready to stop traveling and everyday I spend makes in harder and harder to leave.

van_life_in_alaska Don’t miss the Bald Eagle in the tree!

For 3 days I OD on Redbull. That’s when consuming more of the delicious liquid begins to hurt your throat. There are no more wings to be had, hardly a feather, but I sip it down to satisfy the boredom that is in my mouth.

I noticed the routine. I started watching movies again. Not that there is anything wrong with movies, but I was wasting time in my comfort. Does that make sense? Probably not, but for me movies are a tell tell sign. In 2 hours you can drive 100+ miles and listen to a book. You can see fact, listen to fiction, and satisfy the Took blood in you(Hobbit Reference). You become part of a journey and step out of the predictable.


I have to pee. I think I can physically feel the Redbull working it’s way through my kidneys. Bobby, scuffs the ground proudly with his paws throwing grass. I look up to see Caribou crossing the frozen river. The first I’ve seen. See, that’s why I left. You don’t get to decide what you see, you just participate.


I find some treasure a friend left me just passed Destruction Bay. How cool was that! Another potty break. Grizzly BEARS!!!! 2! They are about 100yds away, and I’m not complaining, but still Grizzlies!

I should have filled up in Whitefish. I knew it. The van is on E. Is it just me or is it going passed it? Every gas station has been closed or abandoned for 100 miles! An anxious 25 miles to Teslin. “Why am I worried?” I ask myself. And quote the movie Bridge of Spies. Tom Hanks is in it. It’s really good. Anyways, the quote is from the Soviet Spy when Tom Hanks asks “Aren’t you worried?” He retorts “Would it help?” No it wouldn’t help. Lesson learned I will fill up next time. Yet, I repeat this again. Gosh, I’m a slow learner.


You never know what’s going to be in you’re way on the road. Maybe it’s a Buffalo, maybe a sheep, and maybe a gangly baby caribou. Regardless, it will be something you don’t see everyday. Or at least I don’t see everyday!




The border. I told myself I wouldn’t rush through Canada. I shouldn’t have but I have work to do on Monday, and taxes to file. I have to make it and it’s a relief when I do. The border patrol apparently thinks I’ve got something in my van. It is a little sketchy. They will find a few Jellybeans, empty Redbull cans, and some of my favorite cartoons. Nothing exciting. They are nice, and just doing their job so I don’t blame them.

Montana’s air is dry, it’s as pretty as I left it. I’ll stay here for a bit. Climb some, and drive some more.