By: Dwayne Parton

Spending Time

I walk into Best Buy. There is so much technology. So many things to want, to wish for. Most of these products are fueled by entertainment. I feel want as I pick up gadgets that I’ve never seen before: virtual reality, drones, games, and tablets. I have no intentions to buy, but I have fleeting thoughts of desire. Then, I remember there is no room in the van for such things. So I continue on, stopping only to admire. I like seeing new products, and walking around department stores seems to ignite bits of inspiration. Today all I can think is “Dang, look at all this stuff. Does out world revolve around entertainment?”

I know I fall into it. When I have a spat of boredom I try to fill it. I try to prevent my mind from roaming, from thinking on the loneliness I will feel if I were to just sit. I reach for a movie, a game, a…something. Anything to spend this stagnant time.

Time is a currency, constantly being spent. It’s the opposite of money. You can’t earn it. We are born as rich as we will ever be. The longer we are alive the less of it we have. We are gradually becoming poor. As we get older, we do all we can to reclaim it. Reaching, grasping, trying to take back the moments we invested poorly. So start now, invest wisely because even in reading this you are spending your time. There is no stopping it’s consumption.

Our entertainment has become synthetic. Take video games and movies. We’ve created virtual worlds to fill our desire for adventure. To satisfy our instincts to go on some sort of quest. We live vicariously through the imaginations of game designers, directors, and screenwriters. I must admit I’m a sucker for a good video game. One like Mario or Zelda will trap me for hours. Movies are definitely an addiction. However, I want to remind you, and I will do it with a quote from one of my favorite Pixar Films, “UP”. I want to remind you that “Adventure is out there!” It’s up to you what that will look like.

We don’t have to fill our time staring at screens in the safety of our homes. Walking in the rain will not hurt you, and a little bit of suffering is good for the soul. The best adventures require it, but I digress. That’s a post for another day.

Update: Just wanted to add this video. Mainly because I really enjoyed it and it’s one way to spend your time :)