By: Dwayne Parton

Sometimes I Wander

I’ve got the first leg of my trip mapped out. After getting some advice from people who have lived in and visited Alaska. I have decided to meander up to Bellingham, WA. From Bellingham I will take the ferry system to Haines, AK where the second part of my journey will begin. The ferry, as I was told, is the only way to see Alaska for the first time. This advice was consistent amongst all my advisers.

I found an app called Furkot. It’s really sweet and FREE! It doesn’t allow you to use the ferry system so I’ll have to make another map for Alaska. But it does allow you to easily map out your journey, and find points of interest along the way. It will even plan your gas stops if you want.

For now I will just focus on the first part of the trip which I am calling “Sometimes I Wander.” I’m sure this is a little cheesy but that’s what the trip is. A meander. A quest without a defined goal or deadline. I’ll be stopping along the way to see friends, and to see some more of the lower 48. You can tell by my path I’m not picking the most ideal route but that depends on how you look at it.

My niece asked me if I would do this for her along the way. It warmed my heart, and I could only respond with “Of course!”

Some heavier thoughts.

Home. I don’t feel at home here, and not for lack of love or friends or things to do. Bryson City is my home but my heart is not here. I often wish I didn’t feel like this. My Lucy died the other day. I won’t go into details but it was a most unpleasant feeling. I cried. Honestly, I don’t cry much. I may feel sad but I don’t cry actual tears. Perhaps it confirmed even more my desire to leave. My heart has been gone for sometime. I think I left it in Seattle last winter. I’m hoping to find it along way because one thing it doesn’t want to miss is the aurora borealis. I apologize for the heavy posts lately. There’s just so much going on inside me. You ever felt like somethings not right but you just can’t put your finger on it. That’s how I’ve felt but this trip feels right.

I just need some time to wander.

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